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A hazard is an area of a golf course in the sport of golf which provides a difficult obstacle, which may be of two types: (1) water hazards such as lakes and rivers; and (2) man-made hazards such as bunkers. Special rules apply to play balls that fall in a hazard. For example, a player may not touch the ground with his club before playing a ball, not even for a practice swing.


Sand should offer a hazard. The ball should bury up to one-half its depth or less, and not sit up on top to provide a clean shot. The sand bunker should be a fai r hazard; sand should contribute to, not minimize the hazard. The condition of traps around greens should consist of a soft, coarse, uniformly raked sand.

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GOLF - Clean sand in the bunkers is a precondition for a fair game. Costly replacement of sand can be avoided with regular cleaning and aerating. RIDING - Horse or Dog Tracks - Rubbish and dangerous materials such as glass and other sharp objects must be removed quickly and easily. Track is flattened simultaneously during cleaning.

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How to Select the Best Sand for YourBunkers There's a lot to learn about the sand you select for your course. by JAMES FRANCIS MOORE Playing quality is unquestionably the most subjective parameter when choosing bunker sand. The most important component in the selection process is allowing an adequate amount of time to fully evaluate the various ...

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To complete the raking, step out of the bunker and make your final few passes over the sand with the rake. Unless otherwise instructed at the golf course (check the scorecard and any bulletin boards inside the clubhouse), replace the rake outside the bunker parallel to the line of play (for more on this, see our FAQ, "Should rakes be left inside or outside bunkers?

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The challenge of playing from a bunker is the need to play out of the sand, not to play with leaves, stones or other loose impediments left in place in the bunker. The previous approach created confusion by stating a total prohibition on touching the sand with a …

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Bunker Rake, Shake'n Rake power-sifting bunker sand rake for efficient cleaning of golf course bunkers. Featuring a screened basket, Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and premium construction for clean bunkers or beach sand.

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The USGA established bunker-sand guidelines in 1974. These guidelines recommend sand particles between 0.25 and 1 millimeter that are angular in shape. (This is the same recommendation for greens construction.) Before buying replacement sand, send a 1-gallon container of each type of sand you are considering for use to a soil-testing lab.

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Beach Cleaner Working In Sand Bunker More information Find this Pin and more on Beach Cleaning Machine - Sand Cleaning Tool - Clean Sands by CleanSands, Inc .

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Golf sand is made to pass the fried egg test with golf balls. This means if a golf ball hits the sand only half the golf ball submerges in the sand. This is the exact opposite of what you want with beach volleyball sand. You want your knees, elbows and feet to sink in the soft sand.

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Mar 25, 2019· If the rest of the bunker is dry, great. But even if the entire bunker contains water, the same rule applies: If you want free relief, you must drop within that bunker to avoid penalty. So if the bunker is completely filled with water, your only option to improve the situation without penalty is this, according to the USGA Web site:

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Nov 15, 2013· topic of bunker sand. It seems that often the "best" sand is at a sand plant hundreds of miles away with a nearly cost-prohibitive price tag. Some courses literally have shipped bunker sand halfway across the country in pursuit of perfect, consistent bunkers, while others have avoided sand replacement completely due to cost.

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The purpose of raking is to pull or push sand up the slope, and create a clean and consistent look. It also servers the purpose of disturbance of the sand keeping weeds at bay (for the most part). If we use big push brooms to groom the edges of the traps we can solve many of the problems that hand rakes present to sand trap maintenance.

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Jul 18, 2014· The Barber Radius is a walk behind sand sifter and golf course bunker cleaner. High floatation wheels are in the center of the machine to allow for maximum maneuverability and a …

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PPE Cleaning. Sani Gear and the Cleaning House offers a specialized 3-part detergent system designed for bunker gear. Learn more; gear rental. Offering short and long term rentals, great for student programs, training sessions and spares.

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Feb 02, 2013· VolleyballUSA.com's Patent Pending Grate Sand Device cleans coarse material out of sand. Tree debris, nails, glass, coarse sand is removed while leaving soft volleyball sand in place.

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Purpose: Rule 12 is a specific Rule for bunkers, which are specially prepared areas intended to test your ability to play a ball from the sand.To make sure you confront this challenge, there are some restrictions on touching the sand before your stroke is made and on where relief may be taken for your ball in a bunker.

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I'm convinced that the colorful language that emits from golfers' mouths originated from players trying to extricate golf shots from the sand burrows that grazing sheep created in the sand on the old course at St. Andrews. Although sand bunkers have changed dramatically since that time, the language and frustration of the average golfer faced with a bunker shot remains pretty much the same.

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The SAND MAN sports high floatation tires and can drive across fairways without leaving ruts. It agilely powers in and out of bunkers without damaging their edges. Learn more about the SAND MAN's bunker-cleaning abilities by viewing the demonstration videos below.

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In Beach Trotters are constantly working to develop the best equipment and items that enhance the beauty of the beach, improve security and strengthen the attractions and entertainment components. ... It is also ideal for cleaning bunkers on golf course. Kangur 1.2.

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The Sand Cleaning Tool (patent pending) is a beach cleaning groomer hand tool designed to clean, groom and comb sand areas in need of a quick and easy touching up.It is perfect for those daily sand surface cleanings or when you don't want to disturb guests on the beach area. It is ideal for times between the thorough cleaning of other mechanical beach cleaning equipment. Excellent for a quick ...

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For more than three decades, Mole•Master has set and maintained the gold standard in both engineered silo cleaning equipment and bin and silo cleaning services. Mole•Master has serviced clients in all 50 states plus over 33 countries worldwide.

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GOLF BUNKER RULES, NO TOUCHING THE SAND BEFORE THE SHOT >> Unlike other areas of the game, practice shots in bunkers are prohibited.A golfer cannot touch the sand with their club until the point of impact during the stroke.This is because a bunker is classified as... – VOTED #1 GOLF SITE!

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An ideal bunker sand is a very clean washed sand containing 3% or less total silt plus clay. Greater amounts of silt and clay in bunker sands make them susceptible to crusting and set-up which increases the amount of maintenance required to keep the bunkers in playable condition.

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The Radius Walk Behind Sand and Bunker Cleaner uses a vibrating sifting screen to remove small debris from sand that has been burried up to four inches deep. It is an excellent sand cleaning solution for golf course bunkers, beach volleyball, horse arenas, and small beaches.

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Easy to use power sand sifting hand tools for effortless beach sand cleaning. Rechargeable motorized or manual rakes with optimal screen sizes to sift debris.

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The No. 1 theme for good bunker shots? Hitting the sand where you intend to hit it Unhinge the club quickly, and then rehinge it so you 'miss the rope' Players often ask how far behind the ball to ...


SAND BUNKER MAINTENANCE Gerald Faubel, CGCS Saginaw Country Club, Saginaw, MI Every aspect of golf course maintenance has Faster greens, closely cut fairways, and there maintenance. become more intensive. is better sand bunker For proper construction of bunkers, the proper sand is …

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Aug 15, 2011· Here at Stow Acres Country Club, our bunkers are perpetually invaded by stones. The primary cause for this issue is the age of the bunkers, as they were installed before bunker liners became common practice. The liner keeps the rocks from permeating through the base layer into the playable sand. See Jason VanBuskirk's post here…

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The Sand Cleaning Tool Groomer will be available exclusively at CleanSands, Inc. and will complete our full line of sand cleaning equipment and tools. From this manual Sand Cleaning Grooming Tool, the Barracuda walk behind or their Tractor Attached models, CleanSands, Inc. has you covered for all your beach cleaning equipment and accessories needs.

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May 25, 2015· Outside of fear for the sand bunker shot, the biggest issue involved is the stance of the golfer. The majority of the players will position their stance too wide. The reason is because most individuals psych themselves out in sand. Golfers who attempt to forcefully drill the ball often lead to a fat shot in the bunker.

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Our sand sifting beach cleaners can remove, broken glass, cigarette filters, syringes, can pop-tops, sea shells, stones, wood, weeds, hardened tar balls and animal droppings from beaches, golf bunkers or any sand areas. The equipment leaves very few tire tracks, if any, when the cleaning process is done.